GEMINY Protection

Geminy S’oliver and container backup is extremely hardened and provides maximum protection against intrusion attempts, 12.04.2013 Bad Breisig – more and more vans and small trucks are broken up. No wonder, because criminals know that they deliver often valuable cargo. It is more than obvious, for example, that often high-quality tools and materials are transporters by installation companies. Delivery vehicles by dealers on the industry contain related products of the contractor, about high-quality electrical appliances and cutting-edge consumer electronics. But much sought after stolen goods include also vehicles of parcel and courier services. Even if thieves break an empty vehicle, already a big damage arises alone through the riser.

GEMINY S’oliver and container backup can be mounted in a short time on the rear and side doors of all kinds of vehicles and containers. It protects the valuable contents of your vehicles and containers permanently against theft. Steely and uncompromising: The S’oliver GEMINY and Container backup is milled from full steel, in contrast to comparable products. She designed for highest requirements for the additional protection of vehicles and containers with valuable content. It is particularly suitable for use in extreme weather conditions and rough, Sandy environment. Simple retrofitting suitable for mounting on hinged, folding and sliding door fitting with threaded studs permanent sealing of the gland by steely seals drilling template to the effortless subsequent mounting no intervention in the existing mechanism of locking the door of required robust lock body resistant solid 1.2 kg case hardened steel (HRC 64) corrosion-resistant confirmed 72 hours salt spray test (CASS test) rounded lock body without sharp edges durable and maintenance-free permanently to maintain with optionally available maintenance spray proven mechanical locking system patented double pen technology with 22 billion Close variants forced closure prevents accidental closing/include tamper protection due to actions against the keys of the Sabotagesicher closure: foreign objects are not insertion drill protection: closing element is weather-resistant hardened steel: fully suitable for rough, Sandy environments as few keyed alike available usage possibilities for side and rear installation can be used for the burglar to transport and installation vehicles ideal for the assurance of high-quality technology at mobile film, radio and television productions closure of commercial vehicles, Containers and other (mobile) container, safety-relevant parts are basically milled from full steel. This prevents connections cuts and edge – the material is homogeneous and has no potential points of attack for burglars. The CNC milling machines used for the production of GEMINY allow 3D-Frasungen, so even complicated contours are possible.

They work quickly, accurately, precisely the same and at the highest quality level – for your safety. The following after milling hardening on 64HRC and the galvanic coating with corrosion-resistant coating system provides wholly-owned stability and a homogeneous, flawless surface. GEMINY protects not only steely, but also noble looks. Further technical details are online under available.