On the 21st week the baby weighs 390 g, and its growth – 17,5 cm – as a big banana. 22-th week. Continue to grow hair on your head, better denote the eyebrows. However, pigment, giving the hair color, melanin, appear later. Some children, especially blacks and Hispanics, the hair a halo around his head swim. Child's weight is 460 g and 19 cm increase in the 23rd week. The last four weeks the child was a slow increase, but this week will be the beginning of a significant weight gain. Began rapid eye movement (REM), as happens with us during sleep, it can be seen on ultrasound.

What can dream about a 23-week child? Perhaps he, like us, dream of what he was doing: playing with the umbilical cord, the sunlight. rem sleep stimulates brain development and, therefore, is an important stage of the child's stay in the womb. The average 23-week baby has a growth of 20 cm and weight 545 How long corn cob. 24-week. 24-week – top of the viability of the child, ie his ability to live independently. Until now, lungs are still not functioning, but now at the ends of capillaries that bring blood formed terminal sacs, separated by very thin film of air-filled (after birth) alveoli. Before the oxygen from the lungs did not get into the bloodstream. Now was produced by the surfactant (Surfactant), while in small amounts, its production is increasing rapidly in recent weeks. Surfactant forms a thin film on the walls of the capillary sacs, why do not they merge under the influence of respiration.