Internal Affairs

All copies should be certified by the blue print and signed "copy of the true 4. Using these documents, apply to them the original statement with an indication of the technical department, as well as a standard set of instruments for passing inspection: vehicle registration document (TCP), a certificate of registration vehicle (ITS), driver's license, passport of the Russian Federation, paid receipts, policy osago, medical certificate. Further, with all of these documents go to the passage of an instrumental examination at the station and cst obtain a map of instrumental examination. Address and opening hours cst station inspector indicates on the reverse side of the application of the technical department. 5. Add to the package of documents that map tool inspection and we go back to technical department, where took a statement and submit all the documents except .

The further procedure may be different in different departments – can see the car and check the documents, or be limited to only check documents Check car produced in scope to that described in custody. For example, if you specify the installation of interior lighting, the inspector checks the availability of and examines its performance. If all normally, the inspector takes an application for conversion, application, declaration, plan, and copies of certificates and issue a certificate of compliance with vehicle safety standards. 6. With this testimony go to the traffic police, which put the car on the account. We take it in an application form of registration, fill in all the boxes, as registration with, except one, where he wrote "I beg your car registration, write" ask amend the registration documents in connection with the refurbishment of the car.

" The procedure is similar to the registration. Pass inspection van. Amends the Title of the Conversion on the basis of evidence. Title and number remain the same, and the certificate (ITS) issue a new one. 7. After making changes to the tcp return to cst, will deliver the map instrumental examination and obtain a pass that. then go and provide vehicle is not necessary, it is already done (see step 4). Finally I recommend to print and take with the main document regulating the activity "Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, dated 7 December 2000 N 1240" and use it in case of disagreement with Inspector