Internet Society

However, if a doctor some day science is seriously interested in fishing, for example, nothing will prevent him to start a blog dedicated to fishing the river or sea fish. Of course, should consider in advance what resources will be devoted to what issues and topics will be raised there. After all, if you blog for several months and even years will be only one author's post, you should not rely on constant flow of traffic. This resource is just a "damped". It should be clearly understood that the regularity of the placement positions depends popular blog.

You should not start a blog if no further plans to maintain it in technically and in terms of frequency of posting a new interesting and, above all unique content. And: a blog primarily needed for communication between users, in order to be able to share their thoughts, discoveries, in order to unwind in some quarters, the Internet Society in your name or the name of your organization. In addition, the blog with the right approach to its promotion can become an additional source for material profit by placing on the resource of different types of advertising information third parties (subject to opening a blog on its own paid hosting). To understand how to look like blogs, you can go to the directory blogs. 2. If the user has decided on his future subjects for the blog, I realized that he really needed him, then you should take the first steps to register the resource.