King Arthur

Supported in the force of the word, and believing that through the words if they create realities, the author tells its arrival in Glastonbury, situated in the west of England. The history of the humanity is given credit that some facts of mstica nature had happened in this place, influencing. It is assumed that the first one of them was the arrival of Jose de Arimateia with the sacred clice, the Graal, after a long trip after the death of Jesus. The clice would have been lost, being incorporated to legends on the King Arthur. He says himself today that Jose fincou its cajado one when arriving in Glastobury and the cajado one was of a called tree Espinheira Saint, that makes to sprout flowers of the Christmas at the time, considered as a high plant of being able dressing.

One also knows that Glastonbury is inside of a region protected for symbols that would represent the twelve signs of the zodiac what it would prove its sacralidade. It is also the place where it was erected and where during much time the biggest church of England existed. Another legend is of that in this city the vestibules of Avalon meet, place for where the King Arthur was taken by Morgana, priestess of Avalon and its sister. According to legend, it crossed the vestibules of the city in a raft, having Arthur dead. When arriving in Avalon it gave magical potions to it had made over again that it and they had kept it living creature, however in sleep state until its kingdom could again be governed. ' ' When a history has one meaning for a person and a time, as it is the case of the legend of the Graal, it if it becomes a myth for that age. E, to less or until it has an official version, will have embelezamentos, exclusions and additions, therefore history is an alive vehicle of psique of who account and who ouve' ' Until the veracity of the facts they are here on account of the beauty of the narratives transmitted for the accountants of histories, for the writer Marion Zimmer Bradley and the verbal tradition of the culture, but speculation finds bedding in the espritas theories where the author mentions a medinico resource called psicometria, used for mdium as way to identify to the history of people and places through the contact with its objects and places where they had lived.