You separate you of me, you who you practise the iniquity. It is enough to bring me vain offerings, that are an abominable incense pra me. When you extend to your hands shunting line of you my eyes; exactly that you multiply the conjunct, I will not hear you. You take off of my sight your bad actions! You cease to practise the evil, you learn to make the good. Your hands are full of blood: purificai you, you wash you. You search the right, I corrected the oppressor! You defend the cause of the widower, you make justice to the orphan! Then, we will be able to argue.

Despite your red sins are crimson and as scarlet, they will become white as the snow and the wool. You will eat the precious fruit of the land, you will have made use yourselves to hear. But, if to rebel themselves and to refuse, for the sword you will be mortos' ' TM 7,23; Is 1,13-20. Sword of two gumes of the Word of God, who is blessing pra just, perdio for who practises the evil. Who in it believes it practises it to is in the Kingdom; who in it does not believe practises nor it is of the Kingdom.

' ' I wounded you for intermediary of the prophets I killed, you for the words of my mouth, pra that my right appears as luz' ' The 6,5. Here it is there the face of Jav that much said people merciful do not admit: God inhabits in the highest sky, that has it with the things of the land? However, Jav deferred payment in the sky of skies, but take care of of its creation with love: ' ' Jav firmed in the sky its throne, but its royalty governs the universe. It has in the hands the deepenings of the land, and of it they are the tops of mountains; it is of it the sea, therefore it was made who it and the firm land, its hands had shaped.