Love An Endangered Species

Is love ending? I do not know but if we look around us we see a series of conflicts that are taking place as man’s struggle to conquer a woman, the materialistic demands of the feminist bloc who see man as instrument for fun and social advancement. On the other hand we have the communication culture that we have been imposed, such as using women as an object for the visually enjoy what you do today is classified as an element of sexual exploitation if we look at the picture then we realize that the way that today men and women relate is from the perspective of power ie, money, physical status is not the goal of being someone in life, now I’m wondering is that a person only who cares in this world and this constant search for money to get by any way and is prostituting herself and losing her dignity as a human being has a quality of life. You might want to cover the sun with a finger but the real pain is being tied to a life of pure spiritual void, because only to the extent of the spirit is love and if love is not present is a dead person and I think we need to think about it because the cold on the ground increases every day and not a symptom is a reality, so if we want the human being keep this planet is necessary to separate the ways of relating from the human, divine, natural and not superficial..