Masefield School

Family according to interviewed, the cacaueira activity and of horticulture does not attack the nature in such a way, beyond not causing as much deforestation, she so little does not allow to erosion in the ground and polui the environment because she does not need to use forest fires in the system of implantation of the same ones. If to observe the report above, is well-known where the interviewed one emphasizes with full certainty the direct envolvement with the community. Beyond working in the school in the administrative area, it comes participating throughout the years; in the pertaining to school advice, associations, cooperatives and unions. Also it is always contributing and participating of the cultural movements in the community and city. Observing these stories of the family of Mr. Adilson Pear tree of the passion, when the same it has the satisfaction in saying that the family participates of the pertaining to school process, it works in roa and it studies, participate of the Unions, Associations and Cooperatives; it makes if necessary to emphasize some situations as, for example: the importance of the escolaridade, process of taking of decisions in the family, accompaniment of the children in the school, maintenance of the property, etc. This pluriatividade shows how much he is beneficial and satisfactory the envolvement with the social environment, cultural and politician. For the understanding of the types of families who exist in the city of Medicilndia, it makes if necessary to carry through intense research.

Considering the extension of the city, and the difficult access the communities the necessary research to be continuous, of exploratria form, flexible and participativa since the researcher does not obtain to carry through alone work all. when the organizacional situation of the family of Mr. Adilson is placed Pear tree of the Passion, in all the aspects, is easy to relate with the too much families of the City of Medicilndia, even because already other research in this had happened exactly metodolgico character and was possible to perceive the differences; that it consists, familiar income, escolaridade, the involving way, culture and religion among others.