Miracle Po And Diaper Dermatitis – What To Do?

Almost every baby in diaper age will have to do it once with a diaper rash. What parents can do, know Dr. Christine Steinhauser of Recordati Pharma GmbH, Ulm, 08.04.12 – many parents are aware of the problem that the Po of the child is sore and red. Often, restlessness and Quengeleien added then. The reasons for a sore butt or even a diaper dermatitis are varied, white Dr.Christine Steinhauser, medical information manager of Recordati Pharma. Often a sore and Red Po this favours that the diaper is changed often enough. From the urine, ammonia is then formed. Ammonia irritates babies skin so strongly that his Po will quickly wound.

“Skin in the diaper area are usually easy to recognize: the Babypo is extensively mined red and sore the butt hurts and itches it can cause erosion and such signs in the diaper area are scaling to recognize, then the parents should act promptly”, Dr.Christine says Steinhauser. Is a diaper rash is not treated immediately, there is a risk that the skin disease spreads over a large area and to get more difficult in the handle. Recordati Pharma advises Mirfulan to the wound and ointment to access. Mirfulan leads to a rapid healing process and provides a protective and Salim binding treatment of skin damage. This is especially effective with redness, itching, and pain such as when a diaper rash. Mirfulan, which contains zinc oxide and urea with the Googly fish -. In addition is the wound and ointment not only when a sore butt, but also injuries and scratches.

Mirfulan, ointment: area of application: covering protective and Salim binding treatment of non infected acute and subacute skin damage, which are associated with redness, itching, and pain. Zinc oxide acts this covering protective and Salim binding. Mirfulan spray N: field of application: traditionally used as a mild-acting medicines to aid wound healing. Risks and side effects, read the leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist. The Recordati Pharma GmbH distributes with around 180 employees in internal and field service Pharmaceuticals and medical products on the German market. Products for the treatment of musculoskeletal, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, as well as for the treatment of high blood pressure, allergies and urological disorders are focused on. The range of over-the-counter pharmacy products include well-known brands such as Dolobene, Mirfulan, Osteoplus, Silibene, Darkside2008, Darkside2008 balance or Hylak. Press contact: Recordati Pharma GmbH wife Alexandra Bekavac Eberhard-Finckh-Strasse 55 89075 Ulm Tel: 0731/7047-101 fax: 0731/7047-44101 contact person: Mr. Reiner Christensen mammoth Pharma GmbH Department: communications management at the Tempelhofer Berg 6 10965 Berlin