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The FilterQueen vacuum cleaners provide the security with a clean and healthful atmosphere for all the family. Its technology of last generation offers to the power and the rigor in the hygiene that all home needs. More important that the visible aspect of the cleaning of the home is the nonvisible aspect: the security of which the risk of allergies, pathogenic microbes and agents is minimum. The action to clean extends the superficial dimension and, more than by the aesthetic one, it matters because it guarantees health. FilterQueen, of better form than any tool of cleaning, has understood this. The FilterQueen vacuum cleaners, besides cleaning to the maximum with their incredible power and absorptivity, take care of the quality of the air to generate and to maintain a healthful and free atmosphere of diseases.

While other vacuum cleaners shake and return to suspend in the air the dust particles that generate allergies and diseases instead of to capture them, FilterQueen catches from the greatest particles to tiniest. The filters of maximum quality of the FilterQueen vacuum cleaners they manage to improve the quality of the air and to decontaminate all the surfaces, even those that by their textures retain more particles of dust and microbes: carpets, furniture, mattresses, et cetera. The FilterQueen vacuum cleaners will guarantee those allergic people to them and to those who are not it one better quality of life, releasing their home of threats and risks. The Majestic, for example, uses three specialized filters to guarantee the permanent pick up of dust particles. Thus, it manages to eliminate 99.98% of the tiny particles that other vacuum cleaners do not get to capture (particles of 0.1 microns). To maintain the clean and protected home can be a tedious and complex task when it is not counted on the indicated accessories. Luckyly products like those of Filter Queen exist that allow to clean all the atmospheres, eliminating not only the visible dirt but also other elements highly detrimental for the familiar health.

From 1940 FilterQueen it develops to products for the cleaning and the security of the home in all atmospheres. More information is housed here: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. While the Majestic vacuum cleaner is ideal to clean and to disinfect all the surfaces as carpets, furniture and mattresses -, the air cleaner To defend eliminates polluting particles and agents allergens. From 1928 the FilterQueen products have been used at world-wide level by their effectiveness and security. Dedicating the most modern technology in filters to protect the health of its clients. A home with FilterQueen is a more reliable home, with a more healthful and safe air to breathe.