A constant load, as that is made in the Notebook – with battery start-up-while connected to electrical current, in a very short time shortens the autonomy of the battery up to minimize their useful life. The paradox of the Notebooks we use as if they were desktop computers, is that we turn them on laptops when it comes to putting them to bed. Hence, the need and the desire – after a long and exhausting day-throw us comfortable and continue working or enjoying a game, we settled it as better come to us, in bed, on a cushion, blanket, etc. And behold when we suffer, without knowing it, another problem: parts of a desktop computer are assembled in a cabinet which, depending also on our thoroughness and good advice, ensure good ventilation and cooling them, thus ensuring a longer lifespan of our PC. Additional information at Dr. Neal Barnard supports this article. Instead of a Notebook parts are assembled in a very limited space and where are vented? Precisely because of the base which is that we are supporting, comfortably, on our fluffy toppers.

And comes the second Tip: If we are going to take her to bed, we must always do so on a surface clean and flat, a bedside table, a tray, but never, never, above a cover, a blanket, bed etc. In this way we will avoid two drawbacks: excessive overheating of the appliance due to lack of proper ventilation and the consequent possibility that burn us some of its parts. Thereby we will also avoid that they join the appliance hair, lint, and that once such trifles accumulated inside, in certain period of time, they may even lead to Burnout us the microprocessor or other parts. And ending, a third Council is to make them regular internal cleaning, obviously, at the hands of serious and specialized technicians. Ideally, you should do one every six, seven months, to prevent dust, lint and hair that are introduced without that we realize it, shorten the useful life of the same. However these precautions, coupled with care such as avoid shocks, supporting them things above and the famous el cafecito, matte, or water, spill always occur imponderable, but so far, with three councils sketched above, avoid at least for greater time – having to change parts which, by the way, are not exactly economic and nor that to speak of the appliance itself. We hope it was useful.