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His poetic personality has remained one of the most valued among his generation and with a powerful influence on the current flow of Spanish poetry. Jose Angel Valente was born on April 25, 1929 in Ourense. He made his first studies in the Faculty of law of Santiago de Compostela. In 1947 he moved to Madrid, whose University he majored in romance Philology. From 1955 to 1958 he was a member of the Department of Spanish at the University of Oxford. In 1958 he moved to Geneva, where he worked as a teacher and as a translator for international organizations, and later to Paris, where he conducted a service of Unesco.

He has translated poems by Cavafy, Hopkins and Montale, among other authors. In 1954 the Pablo Iglesias Foundation award won the Adonais Prize for his book by way of hope and in 1984. In 1986 he returned to Spain and settled in Almeria. In 1988 the national literature prize won, along with Carmen Martin Gaite, Prince of Asturias and letters in 1993. In 1972, he was subjected to war Council by his short story the uniform of the general, accused of offensive allusions to the army. Jose Angel Valente died in Geneva on July 18, 2000. Among the most relevant titles of his poetic works are: by way of hope (1954), poems of Lazarus (1960, Catalan Critics Award), Coll. on the place of the chant (1953-1963), memory and signs (1966), seven performances (1967), brief are (1968), presentation and memory for a monument (1970) and the innocent (1970), gathered at zero point (1972-1980)Interior with figures (1977), Material memory (1979), three lessons of darkness (1981; prize) of criticism), stays (1981), the poems in Galician Sete cantigas de alen (1981; expanded in 1990 with the title of alen Cantigas), Mandorla (1982), glare (1984), input in the field (1985), the God of the place (1989), not dawns the singer (1992, literature 1993 National Award), Material memory (1979-1989), new compilation released in 1992, and fragments of a future book (2000).

Among his essays are the words of the tribe (1971), which collects his articles of literary criticism, the stone and the Centre (1983), essays on Miguel de Molinos (1974), the unwanted eyes (1990) and variations on the bird and the network (1991). His narrative and poetic prose are collected at the end of the age of silver (1973) and nine enunciations (1982). Valente has achieved a great purity of expression in his poetic thought. In true poet, the feeling comes clarified by knowledge. Having managed to carry on his torch of lone broker one of the most refined flares of tradition poetic. And as our poet said: only I that I’ve touched / Sun, the rose, the day / and I’ve believed, / am able to die. Francisco Arias Solis never was a good war or a bad peace. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal. URL: Original author and source of the article.