Party Version

A bad start for Carpenter, with borrowed plumes decorate, write outraged fans of Antonia in Internet forums, they resent the music stealing of the young artist. Then, Antonia aus Tirol is TV garden, a second time in the season in the ZDF in the July 2009 again with their new Tornero Version(Party Version), also Anna Maria Zimmermann was here to see, but sang a different title, so well, at least the ZDF attaches importance the originals if you paid already GEZ fees as a consumer you should expect that. “” “Anders but in private there appears the version of EMI Music in the Ballermann hits” in October in the new hit parade “and now you can calculate probably also in the upcoming apres ski hits” everything on RTL 2 sung by Anna Maria Zimmermann. In the Internet, the management announced, Antonia is deliberately blocked as an original artist of this Tornero version of RTL 2 because this was offered by our record and rejected. In fact, the research shows that EMI Music maintains a very close business relationship with RTL 2. A broadcaster like RTL 2 is so instructed the funds of EMI Music, or is it what else for wallpapers? Probably, we have to live users on this world of Verwirrspiels with these facts. One wonders just what emotions are for some presenting artists still real and you know at all what they sing there? But it continues merrily, DJ otzi steals at Schlager-NIC equal to two times, Scooter with Mickie Krause, or conversely, Jurgen Drews at Langley or also different rum, sings a song by the Cologne Band de Boore, SEMINO Rossi and and…? As well as always, at least confirmed in our case by the Publisher, Antonia aus Tirol is the original of the new German version of 1000 dreams far Tornero’.

She has asked for the permit and no one else, according to the publishing house holder seven-point. If two quarrel would be the third or so similar because now already more less well-known artists have covered Antonia’s version. Well, then, in this sense, sit back and enjoy the music, by whomever. Author of Andreas Kemp