Physical Activity

If at some moment, one of these factors will be deficient the quality of life of the aged one will be compromised. So that if they can offer these benefits to the aged ones are necessary to generate changes in the social structure so that these people, when having its drawn out lives, can usufruct of one better quality of life. 1.A Physical Activity the physical activity is any corporal movement produced by the esquelticos muscles that result in bigger energy expense of what the rest levels. (CASPERSEN, 1985) As Miranda (2000) the aging is a very heterogeneous process, a time that if constitutes while a reality, mainly in Brazil. Currently, already more than it is proven that the human being needs to live each of a form that not it limit physically. Being that these limitations come being knocked down from the moment where more activity in its daily life has each time. The performance of the regular physical activity favors some answers that collaborate for the healthful aging, since this activity if constitutes while a point importantssimo with respect to quality of life of the aged one.

According to Takahashi (2004 apud SAUCERS et al. 2002): ‘ ‘ (…) with the gradual decline of the physical aptitudes, the impact of the aging and the illnesses, the aged ones tends to go modifying its habits of life and daily routines for activities and little active forms of occupation. The effect associates to the inactivity and I the adaptability are very serious. They can cause a reduction in the performance serious, the motor ability, the capacity of coordination and reaction concentration, generating processes of auto-depreciation, apathy, unreliability, loss of the motivation, social isolation and solido.’ ‘ (TAKAHASHI; 2004) Historically, man always lived of active form, a time that since the primrdios of the humanity it lived as nomadic, surviving of the hunting, fishes and of agriculture.