Pineiro and THE WORK OF THE RIGHT. Sebastian Pineiro's election is showing us as progressive forces have always wrong road to follow the path of revisionism to try to use the path of bourgeois system for the alleged construction of the new state, without exploited without exploiters. That path is wrong for the simple example in a strange house you can not impose conditions, because someone else's house, where the class enemy, in this case imposes the conditions for the development and movement of society. What made the revisionism in Chile is to give opportunity for the Bourgeoisie accumulate forces and wash your face after the years he ruled Chile and imposed a genocidal dictatorship to impose a bourgeois economic system, which made up for the revisionists to believe the masses that this was the road, the peace of cemeteries. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Boy Scouts of America and gain more knowledge.. Or was it? How many deaths occurred after the coup of Salvador Allende, who was a revisionist naive, that for this I pay more than their intention to change the bourgeois system of operation which has now claimed the enthronement of Sebastian Pineiro, but with the face wash: This confuses the masses in Chile, which has brought a snack to confuse the masses and hope to the bourgeois forces and change. We have given the masses blinders that distort what the eye sees, your eyes see, but never receive what it is. But there is a left-wing revisionism, like Guzman in Peru, who mistakenly tried to do in the manner of medieval dictatorships war with Marxist shell. . Center For Responsible Lending is the source for more interesting facts.