You are aware that your partner needs to make changes. You know that both you and he or she can be better, give more, not just as parents, as bosses or employees, but as life peers, as what they have chosen from a while ago. However, how we make these changes? Do as say to another that has to change, it is necessary to be better? How can accept facing each other that we have made mistakes, when the world tells us that we have nothing to recognize and nothing to negotiate? Any relationship is like an escalator in operation: go up, or downhill. Think for a moment: would you be in the best relationship that might exist in the entire universe? Would you like to feel fully happy with your mate for life? I ask you to meditate at least 60 seconds, this question and answer it with total sincerity. Keep not reading before responding, because it won’t do the exercise. If your answer is NO, then I have trouble thinking that you’ve read this article. Passes to the Next, because what comes then only will generate you yawning.

If you said yes, then from now on begin to act accordingly. In my dictionary, now it means now, in the present. It is not tomorrow, it is not in 5 minutes, it is not in another moment that has no grudge .no I care if your wife today barked you when you woke up, or if your husband is an intolerant that you not takes a walk from vacation of two years ago. What we are going to begin, does now, no excuses, no stories, no buts in the first place, going to write down on a sheet which features has the perfect relationship (humanly speaking, is clear) that might exist in the entire universe. I know honest / o, but, above all, realistic. Recently I worked this out with a student of my course of NLP and I responded is a relationship where no one ever fights or discusses, where are all the time together, looking one at the other lovers, being also a passion and desires constants is right, to be a fairy tale. But do not believe that reality is as well.

If I want to believe that I can be a player of basketball of the argentina team in the sport, no matter how much conviction be it or how good my intentions are: with my meter seventy of stature won’t get far. Similarly, he thinks it would be real that a perfect relationship did not have moments of exchanges of opinion (some more heated than others), or saturation (where is good to not see at least for awhile) where everyone wants to do their own things according to their particular interests and talents, or where there is so much passion at the beginning, etc. Now yes, clarified this, write everything that you consider he would have your perfect relationship with your current partner/o. If you don’t have one, no matter, write down how you think this would be equally. Very well! You just design the model to follow, the plane of your perfect relationship. You will then start with the foundations, the foundations of this that you’ve viewed. For continue with the exercise please enter here: continue to practice NLP to improve your relationship of couple original author and source of the article.