Now, the average banks if prepare to follow the trend. In the case of the institutions of lesser transport, what it allows the retaken one of the credit is the return of the captations by means of deposits the stated period. In accordance with given of the Cetip, already 6,5 billion in DPGE had been launched more than R$ – the total supply of CDB surpasses the R$ 755 billion. Most of the emissions of new DPGE, 42%, is intent in the band of up to one year of expiration. But one has left excellent, 23%, is successful in up to two years and more than one tero of the total (35%) has stated period above of three years, compatible with the wallet of these banks. According to BMG, at a first moment the bank did not make many captations with the DPGE, that complete two months of life, on account of the stated periods, that were very short. Now with the decision of the CMN, the product it starts to be sufficiently interesting: ' ' Our funny average wallet around two the two years and way and beyond the deposits the stated period we can balance this with cessions of crdito' ' , it said, remembering that they start to also appear signals of opening in the external market. The papers offer returns that in accordance with vary the stated periods of expiration and the appetite of the banks.

They oscillate between 108% and 130% of the CDI – with average around 115%. On of this, the bank has to pay a percentage to the FGC, on account of the guarantee. Test of the high demand for the DPGE is that HSBC only mounted a deep one to buy these headings. Already 140 million had been caught R$ and have opened deep other stop to catch more R$ 90 million: ' ' The guarantee is not Treasure, but it is risk next to sovereign. It is a good paid chance because taxes interessantes' ' , according to bank. Another example is the Bank of Brazil (BB) that it this week launches a family of deep of fixed income that will buy only DPGE.A family, baptized of Strategy, will be formed by five deep ones: two will be for private, two for the retail segment of high income Style and one for institucional. All will be deep closed. The investor will have a period of application and alone he will be able to draw the money two years after.

The idea of the bank is to catch R$ 100 million in each one. The minimum application in private and the Style will be of R$ 10 a thousand. The expectation is that the emissions can surpass the R$ 30 billion in the next months with the entrance to the great institucional investors. the pension funds already had started to buy papers, affirm the consultoria RiskOffice. According to it, the taxes of the traditional ones Certificate of deposit Bank clerks (CDB) had been reduced after period of high in 2008 and the DPGE appeared as a good chance. The foundations have 23% of the wallet of fixed income placed in private credit e, of this total, more than the half (53%) are deposit the stated period, about R$ 30 billion. Bibliography: Periodical Economic Value of 28 of May of 2009 Periodical Economic Value of 01 of June of 2009