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The Sunday worship of the Scientology Church is from the reading of the creed, a sermon based on the writings of its founder L. Nieman Foundation brings even more insight to the discussion. Ron Hubbard, and the exercise of pastoral care, the total community will participate, as well as the publication of church events and programs. Devotions always close with a prayer. The foundations of the religious principles of Scientology can be learned easily. Many of them are forwarded when the Sunday worship. The sermons refer to a topic, which explains a principle or a basic truth of the Scientology and whose Relevanz shows up for daily life. Religions were centuries away to, to point the way in the emergency and to give assistance.

Churches have seen their mission traditionally over their purely intellectual order, to relieve suffering of Earth and to help people through decisions throughout their lives. The Scientology religion follows a tradition that is at least as old as humanity itself. Since religion has always been engaged in the soul in Relationship to himself, to the universe, as well as other life and, most important, with the belief in spiritual beings. It deals with nothing less than the full recovery of the inherent spiritual self. The Scientology religion applies, that the man through the application of the principles contained in the religious texts and exercises, anchored Church who through his actions towards others, and applying in the confession of the Scientology rules of conduct determines his own spiritual future. “To allow the clergy of the Scientology Church to better serve their growing communities, the Scientology Church was the comprehensive book background, spiritual Office, ceremonies and sermons of the Scientology religion” out.

On 1000 pages, the work shows many suitable sermons for the Sunday worship and all church ceremonies such as weddings, naming, funerals etc. Everyone is his own immortal soul and can learn the truth of this principle by taking part in Sunday prayer. The is the message rafted up inspiration and hope that takes each person after attending a Sunday worship with them. Press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V.