Turkish Language

In Turkey, the official language is Turkish (Turk dili, briefly: Turkce) and applies it to the Turkic languages. This language, in such a way as we used to have formed in the mid-twentieth century and is the south-western Turkic language. Except Turkey, it can be seen in some areas of the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean region. Until the mid-nineteenth century in Ottoman Turkey, there was a literary language, It is based on Persian and Arabic borrowing. It was only later, formed a literary language Turkish. However, were not lost verses on drevneturetskom language, written in the thirteenth century. It is they who are the first surviving letters, basis of the modern Turkish language. But the Arabic alphabet remained, right up to 1928, from which Turkey moved to the Latin alphabet.

Familiar to us, the literary Turkish language, was formed quite late in the 30-50gody XX century, and it is based includes the urban dialect of Ankara, Istanbul and Cyprus dialects. For a long time Turkey has been fragmented into many fiefdoms, united only in the XV century. It is these rulers, feudal lords sought to transfer as much as possible the number of books in Turkish language. Translators were educated people, who came from the Persian trade caravans, and the rest of the Turkish rulers. Especial popularity enjoyed the commentary on the Koran, translated into Turkish language is so simple that they could completely understand anyone who can read, man. But the Turkish language were also translated books on medicine and history different countries.