A team on the lake a voyage which is beautiful … well everyone knows the rule. Is it your desire to be yourself once a captain and explore a body of water at rest, the environment and waterways From the water, you will experience it yourself, even well-known landscapes look completely different from and can re-discover. Since not everyone knows of your own boat is to buy and maintain, there are matching service – boat rental companies. At the same boat you are looking to hire a boat you want to charter out and sign a charter contract. For all charter companies, it is common for a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the value of the boat you rent. Depending on the inland or coastal waters, there are various charter boats, of course, depends on the size of the price you have to pay per day. The rent will be cheaper for several days of booking, which is of course ideal if you want to tour lasts several days. In addition to the rental fee is a flat fee for cleaning,But it should discuss the matter personally with the landlord. Often, you can perform the cleaning yourself. If we have you now put on the taste then we recommend a trip on the Elbe. In particular, the region of Dresden and the Saxon Switzerland offer you an unforgettable trip. Structures such as the newly built Church of Our Lady, or the Blue Wonder visible from the river Elbe from unique. If you are looking for a boat rental in Dresden, then make sure that you charter boats to choose from. If you do not have a valid boating license within then you need to rent a boat with a 5HP (Fhrerscheinfrei). However, if you are in possession of a driver’s license then you get in Dresden faster motorized motor yachts with which you have a longer range.