Walking in the Word Salmos 119? 1 to the 8 times we are tested in our inteiresa of heart. But if we are firmed in the Word, we will not be ashamed. Those ue if oppose we can be arisen all with the type of inverdades. The fights that we pass can afflicting in them, trying to steal our Faith and to destroy our foundations being tried to take off of us the peace, but the certainty of that the Word Mr. in the guide, will make in them to continue. If in we all remember in the time of the rules Mr. to them, in them we keep prisoners to its Orders of life, nothing it will envergonhar in them in our Faith and our Confidence. After all, when we live in straightness, we are not abandoned.

The proper Word says: Here it is that, ashamed and confused the ones will be all that if had infuriated against you; they will become in nothing, and the ones that to contend with you, will perish. (Isaiah 41:11). Yes, Mr. warns in them that the destination of that if they raise against its ungidos ones does not take the salvation, but yes the perdio. This Word says of the Well-being that has in the life of that if they carry of way not to be reprehended nor for Mr., nor for the Society.

It affirms that the ones that search of heart the knowledge of the accepted Word and its lapsing, also reach the blessing Mr. It warns in them for as the salmista, to search Mr. the desire to keep the firm steps and to fulfill to all the Word the scratch. The ones that if presents as enemy of that they remain fidiciary offices have an only destination: You will search them, however you will not find them; the ones that to fight with you, will become in nothing, and as thing that is not nothing, the ones that to fight with you. (Isaiah 41:12) In each versicle it has the hope of that Mr. does not abandon that one that fulfills to its decrees (Salmo 119 -9) the secret is the obedience Word: will be that, if to hear the voice Mr. your Deus, having well-taken care of to keep to all its orders that I command today you, Mr. your Deus you will exaltar on all the nations of the land. (Deuteronmio 28:1) It has miracle, it has cure, it has release, it has provision for that the Mr. fears: I will open rivers in high places, and sources in the way them valleys; I will become the desert in water lakes, and the dry land in water sources. (Isaiah 41:18) Who is faithful, it receives victory. we do not have to forget, that as says our Shepherd Sergio, ' ' If the blessing is its, nobody toma' ' Base Word Duca Sister