Water Vapor

5. t websites. Adhesion 10 days after application to the surface of the Thermo-SIM acquires the strength of concrete (holding power – 1,4 N / mm). 6. Water vapor permeability important distinguishing feature Thermo-SIM – a good water vapor permeability – the walls covered with Thermo-SIM, breathe." Thermo-SIM has a very small diffusion resistance. Mixture Thermo-SIM can be easily and efficiently carry out the sealing and insulation of the holes in the walls, slopes of windows, interpanel seams, the ends of panel buildings, various openings for utility systems, etc. The solution creates the preconditions for long-term conservation and functional reliability of structures.

Thermo-SIM is also ideal for filling holes in the lining of communications for sealing voids in the installation of window units, the ends of prefabricated houses and stripped disadvantages of traditionally used insulating styrofoam insert, semi-rigid fiberglass or mineral wool. 7. manufacture of Performance 4 people per shift, plasterers at a layer thickness 2.5 cm – 120-180 sq.m. Thanks to the ease of operation, Thermo-SIM saves working time, does not require a special sensitivity, high mechanization, and a special organization of . Technology for creating warming layer similar production work usually plaster compositions that much easier, faster and cheaper compared with the works on warming plaster systems based on mineral wool and polystyrene foam. Drawing no work surface is carried out manually ordinary trowel. High adaptability to work with Thermo-SIM allows you to reduce construction time.

When working with foam and mineral wool have to wait until the heater on a cement glue solution to grips with the working surface (48-60 hours), then lost a lot of time on fixing insulation boards to the wall with dowels, and then have to wait until the glue dries recessed into the reinforcing mesh, applied to the heater. 8. versatile Thermo-SIM has good adhesion and can be combined with all the wall materials-stone, brick, limestone, pumice stone, concrete, reinforced concrete, aerated concrete, cement, plaster, plasterboard, and iron. Thermo-SIM creates a foundation monolith, thus preventing air pockets between the layers of the wall where there is a possibility of accumulation of moisture. Thermo-SIM, caused by single or multiwall, can be used as leveling and insulating ground plaster for all common types of walls (both internal and external) as the repair of old buildings and the construction of new ones. Possible to obtain effectively insulated surfaces with significant irregularities, where impossible or difficult to use foam or mineral wool. 9. environmental safety Environmentally friendly raw materials used ensures complete security of Thermo-SIM to humans and the environment. Thermo-SIM in a large number contains natural inorganic substances. Thermo-SIM does not contain asbestos, and polystyrene (EPS), as well as any toxic substance. 10. Freedom Front decoration Thermo-SIM offers complete freedom for the original architectural and colors on the facade, including some architectural details. The outer layer of Thermo-SIM is a protective, vlagoottalkivayuschim layer and simultaneously finish, provides the strength of the facade, which will not crack under the exposure to cold and heat. On the outer layer of the Thermo-SIM you can use decorative facade tiles, marble crumb, and paints. Decorative layer creates a beautiful textured surface of the building. 11. technical specifications Appearance Dry Powder Packaging Paper kraft-bag 9kg Operating temperature +5 C consumption of 9 kg / m of dry powder at a thickness of 2.5 cm Ready to paint in 48 hours after the coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.064 kkal / martyr C Water Absorption Power Clutch 1.4 N / mm Fire Class F1 (A1) Weight 320 lb / ft Shelf 1,5 years from date of manufacture