A Question Of Reform

THE PARADIGM OF THE TIMES AND DEADLINES: shortening of the undergraduate, ASK TO EMPLOYERS. a remember 10 years ago, listening to a lecture from an American professor, talked about futurology trachea, it is commonly known eager interest of some statesmen and entrepreneurs in the north country for trying to read the future in search of associated benefits. Well the point was that there were in the U.S., a respectable number of citizens with more than 100 years old and in good health. Well, the analysis focused on the concerns of insurance companies, by increasing life expectancy in the first half of this millennium, they were incompatible with the premises of the business of insurance. According to Boy Scouts of America, who has experience with these questions. a Making an analogy with the previous comment and the current controversy arising around the shortening of undergraduate careers at the universities, we can make some reflections that were not considered in the debate on this matter. First, the background that support a measure of this nature are of varied order and not by classical and encyclopedic vision of university education, where efficiency in managing resources or deficit issues are not of particular interest to anyone other than the Minister of Finance. My professional work is to advise companies in highly specific areas such as HR, Training, Education, Education for Work. We can not think of a reform of this nature without ask the same question that the Americans did a decade ago as to whether they would be able to afford insurance of survival for people who live on average more than 100 years.