Adam Soul

The task of the soul of Adam channels is the resembling the nature of the creator, and be so emotional and giver as? l, thus reaching the Summit of all the pleasures, the infinite enjoyment. Pleasure before contact according to the Kabbalah, when the soul of Adam channels was created, had a relationship with the creator that caused a limited pleasure because not independently had striven to reach it. The creator wanted to be the soul of Adam channels was developed by its own means. Exposing it is received then, in a premeditated act, pleasures, pleasures, and soaking of rejoicing, lost all notion of the Creator who had provided him with delight – and all contact with? l. It’s like a person who prays for winning the lottery, promising to donate half of the triumph to the charity.

But once he actually WINS, exceeds it the pleasure that is exposed and your priorities change. He forgets his promise, and suddenly finds best investment alternatives, who donate money. Fragments of the pleasure as result of the neglect of the relationship with the creator because of great pleasure, the soul of Adam channels was away from the spiritual, is fragmenting world in multiple parties calls, souls private, which were then down to this world clothing in individual human bodies, in order to gradually learn how to receive the default pleasure, into manageable portions, without losing contact with the grantor of the pleasure, the creator. Similarly, if we want to move a weight of one ton, we cannot ask for a single person to do so. But if ton we divide into small pieces of one kilogram, and give one piece to each of the thousand people, we could easily move this weight. This process is concisely expressed in a parable of Baal HSulam: there was a King who wanted to send a large sum of gold coins to his son, who lived far away. Unfortunately, all the people in his country were thieves and deceptive, and the King had no no loyal Messenger. What did you do? He divided the coins in pence and sent them with many messengers, so, not worth worth stain his honor for the pleasure of stealing.

life, Baal HSulam tree. Stop reincarnated today, we find ourselves in the State of post-rotura, where each of us is a Messenger from the King which carries with it a penny from the great treasure of the creator. Our mission is to do what the King asked and return to re-establish the connection with? l, while we are alive. Until we not carry coin into place, we will continue returning to this world. The Kabbalists who have already gone through this process, referred to as Tikkun (correction). They teach us how to fix our individual penique-placer, to reach the top of the spiritual ladder, and not have to reincarnate us most in this world. The set is (much) more that the sum of its parts the purpose of the study of the Kabbalah is to help each of us – individual parts of the soul of Adam channels-to restore our unity in the most usable and fast way possible. When each correct your part, we will be carrying out the goal for which we came to this world, and finally we can enjoy together the enormous pleasures that the creator designed for us on the thought of creation.