Paiva Netto

In this verse the Apostle is teaching us to resist Satan and not fear it. Ah! that fight! How is it going to be that? Already the Christ says: every day his bad ya basta. () Who endureth to the end shall be saved (Gospel of Jesus, according to San Mateo, 6: 34 and 10: 22). Fight for Jesus on Earth is to have the greatest joy, and ending, San Pedro offers us his vows and final greetings: 10 but the God of all grace, who, in Christ, called you to his eternal glory in Jesus Christ, after having suffered a little while, the same os perfects, confirmed, fortificara, and strengthen. Suffer for Jesus, on Earth, is to have the greatest joy; those who weep today, tomorrow will be happy, he comforts the divine friend in his Gospel the Apostles and disciples. 11 To him be the glory and the Empire, for everything, always. Amen.

12. Through Silvano, your faithful brother, I have written briefly, exhorting, and testifying This is the true grace of God wherein ye are firm. 13. The Church that is in Babylon, chosen together with you, and Marcos, my son, greet you. In terms of Marcos, the Secretary of the Apostol San Pedro, where the second Gospel, recorded words, examples, and struggles of the divine master, because the Gospel is Jesus is, it is not those who strive to portray him. He means good news, and who brought her God really was the Chief son of all of us. The four evangelists were only privileged reporters.

And, with these words, the big fisherman of Galilee ends his message: 14 greets one another with a kiss of charity. Peace be with all of you who are in Christ Jesus. Amen. God is present! Viva Jesus, the Christ statesman, that already comes in our hearts forever! Thank you for everyone’s attention. Until the next meeting. _ * The meaning of Los Siete scourges, mentioned in the revelation of Christ, either as their relationship with the institution of deacons, episode of the facts of the Apostles of Jesus, found in previous editions of the magazine Jesus is reaching No. 51, from the edition No. 46, in the Editorial and revelation sessions. * M collection spiritual guidelines of the Religion of God, of the writer Paiva Netto, can be acquired by tel.: 3358-6869. * M the world revolution of souls, that the Religion of God, Religion of Universal love, preached from their initial stroke, his Lector, Alziro Zarur through, and that, to that title of Zarur, Paiva Netto added light. * 4 DA Department administrative of the Legion of good will.