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It is also known that in 2007, is when the Office has registered the highest number of deaths in a year of immigrants that they crossed illegally, 140 bodies had been brought to the coroner until July 15. Parks said, that his Office, which receives the bodies of immigrants who come to three counties, it is storing some 250 bodies and had to start using a truck refrigerated this month due to the increase in deaths of undocumented. The coroner noted that most of the bodies appeared to be coming from the desert Southwest of Tucson, where usually make more heat which in other parts of the border or the metropolitan area of the city also has a history of that, California as well as sectors of Laredo and the River, in Texas, and Tucson, Arizona sectorIt is where is recorded the largest increase of deaths. CITES,, that a risk analysis made based on the number of bodies of emigrants recovered in the deadliest section of the border found that the risk of dying was 1.5 times higher in 2009 than in 2004 and 17 times more than in 1998.Ante this sad reality of wanting to emigrate to the United States and enter illegally is a big risk in 2009When the American Government has made the deportations and the toughening of immigration laws in the United States do not stop the nightmare in the wilderness for hundreds of emigrants seeking daily the trite American dream, those who expose their lives, as said Sonia Garcia Ochoa, unaware that the expected deaths and injuries on the inhospitable road to that country.