The Sonoran Desert

The already classic Terminator or the Mojave Moon starring a very young Angelina Jolie.son examples of films shot in the desirtos of Sonora – Escarlante or Sonora-Mojave which rondamos the fifties because remember us the mythical television series such as Bonanza, Member shot in the desert of Sonora Mexico – or the high Chaparral Ranch nicknamed El Leon de Sonora of Don Sebastian Montoya (Frank Silvera) professionals, the western Richard Brooks directed starring Burt Lancaster a few scenes were also filmed there and a long etcetera of Sonora desert-also called desieo Gila, by the proximity of the River Gila – begins in the southwest of California, runs through southern Arizona, again part of Mexico, as well as in the Mexican State of Sonora which gives its name. and it has some regions where falls not a drop of water for four or five years with others in which rainfall is not greater than 250 mm per year. l Sonoran Desert is subivide in 7 regions: Valley of the lower Colorado, Highlands of Arizona, Sonoran plain, Foothills of Sonora, coast of the Central Gulf, El Vizcaino, and La Magdalena. It is one of the deserts hot and great in the world, covering an area of 311,000 km.Hermosillo is the region’s largest city. The Sonoran Desert is the separation of the United States with Mexico, one terrible but beautiful obstacilo natural rather than any physical barrier, where every day from Mexico to United States immigrants trying to escape, they have lost their lives in the nearly 1800 people between 1999 and 2009. Inhabited by Indians Tohono Oodham or Papago, marked by the imposing presence of the saguaros, enormous centenarian cacti with their arms that resemble human forms. Stood on a cliff of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Park or explore a road of the Indian reserve of the Papago, the second largest in the U.S., in the Consulate of Mexico in Tucson Arizona – have map geographical of the Sonoran Desert marked with points of three colors: red, indicates where there is a dead, yellow man where it is believed that there are other but still not found, blue, a woman. There are Ongs such as Humane Borders borders compassionate which are responsible for leaving water in places senaliados, to cater to the undocumented is not to cross to the illegals.

And maintain scattered throughout the desert leaflets that warn that cross the desert can end in death, scorpions, sand, cacti during the day not be sees nothing, only see white cars with a green stripe to indicate that they are the border patruya. Nothing in this desert is harmless unless you are dead this shows to what extent can be dangerous crossing of the undocumented. At dusk, the sky changes, the temperature drops, and you begin to see movement by the border areas begin to aparecerr patrols everywhere, is go fly an elicoptero and shortly after currency is a bus with tinted glasses, it is that they will return to the undocumented migrants to Mexico. Arrested the previous day. Although just the day, when the rest of the world ends the day, in the Sonoran Desert begins the activity.