Boniface Church

Fire damage restoration on the facade of red sandstone on the night of the 17.03.2010-inflamed unknown perpetrators one at the Grosswelzheimer St. Bonifatius Church parked construction toilet. It burned down completely, the sandstone facade was heavily contaminated by the rising smoke. Some strongly adhering soot could by company Sven boom structures without affecting the subsoil by means of fine sand blasting to remove. In addition to the red sandstone of facade, a particular attention was the joint network, since this had significant damage and a low resistance to a large extent. It was necessary to achieve a surface cleaning in addition to dispel the joint network. In addition, algae and lichens were removed, extensively settled the sandstone. Background information St.

Bonifatiuskirche / Grosswelzheim: the foundation stone was laid on the 02.05.1926 and a year later on the 22.05.1927 was consecrated by Bishop Matthias Ehrenfried Wurzburg. Should the first views of the Church of Main page here happen, here stands the 23 m high church tower of red sandstone solid, without the counterweight of a tower helmet, over the rooftops of the village. (Similarly see: Childrens Defense Fund). Its creator, the master of church building Dominikus Bohm from Cologne, wanted a steeple create here, as he is no longer to find the whole main course.” The shape of the Church is from the minds of Architects cannot be separated one of the greatest Church builders of modernity. So-called Christo-centric building his early church buildings, which include Dettingen and Grosswelzheim, was for Bohm the guiding principle”, according to the world of ideas of the city Pastor Johannes van Acken. This idea is based on a newly understood liturgy.

She understands the church building as a work of art geared towards the altar. He should be the capital of the construction. The entire spatial effect of the longitudinal building is aimed at him. Bohm extended the existing 8 m wide and 18 m long chapel a square central block and an elevated 12 x 6 m-large choir. By the He enhances the light effect with increasing size and sill height of window Chapel room on the central square to the choir room. In between are the darker zones of pointed uberwolbungen rising directly from the ground tapered. (Source: art/parishes /) Currently is the Interior renovation of the St. Boniface Church (client: Church administration Grosswelzheim) after the presentation of architecture lost in the 1970s.