Cat Welfare: 1. Hazards In The Budget

A cat when you move in, there to observe much. A cat in the household can be sometimes almost as bad as a toddler. Everything is immediately taken into the mouth and checked its edibility. Any future cat owner should be aware that with the advent of Office Tiger no longer are must remain open. Cats are very curious and go almost anywhere.

Not once I found a pair of sunglasses or the key on the floor at the other end of the apartment. It becomes dangerous when smaller items such as swabs or screws and nails lie around openly. Also drugs and chocolate can be quickly fatal curious cats. Cats love to crawl everywhere inside and hide. For this reason, cats never plastic bags should be. You can in these bags are not only stifling, but in vehicles lace up body parts (paper bags without handles are super).

It has become a habit many people to tilt the window. Such Transom Windows are dangerous for cats. Offer them but a way to out there to get. When jumping through the small gap can it easily pass that caught the cat and either suffocated or extremities are pinched. It is better several times daily not to open the window and air. The most ornamental plants, that is to buy it in various markets, look very nice, but sometimes highly toxic to cats. Unfortunately, it happens time and again that adidas is unaware of this danger and nibbling at the leaves of the poisonous plant. This can be very dangerous and lead to strong poisoning. Therefore make sure that no poisonous plants within easy reach of the cats are. On you will find a list of toxic plants. We men have unfortunately often the habit not down to close the toilet lid. For cats, the toilet offers a water source from which they can drink. Unfortunately, there is not much grip on a toilet. If a cat even slips and the head first falls into the toilet, there is usually no way out. Special care must be taken when open washing machines and dishwashers and tumble dryers. These devices offer a super hiding place for cats, and this it is unfortunately often happened that the beloved pet was washed. So take a look at the machine always before you do it. Some cats really nibble all around, so you should watch even when cables that they are either left alone or you should hide them in cable channels. Stephan r