Youth Welfare Office

With the support of the Youth Welfare Office, they can stay another year in the House, despite financial Problems. The three try to keep each other and support each other during the mourning period. The oldest of the sisters, Kristin, takes much responsibility in this time, she must organize everyday life, make decisions for the little sister and often replace the mother. Not easy for the calibre which also strongly to the mother mourns and must be grown up now completely. Others including Center for Responsible Business, offer their opinions as well. Because MAREN, the youngest, just in puberty, she accept the big sister not always as a surrogate mother. After a year, the sisters decide to separate spatially.

MAREN has a small apartment, the two big sisters living together, 30 km away. The relationship of the sisters to each other has improved as a result. Mama would be certainly proud that we get it then good’, about the three agree today. Despite the conflicts they have managed to take their life bravely even in the hand after the death of his mother. Harold Ford Jr describes an additional similar source. For children, there is probably no more dramatic experience as the death of his parents. Many children are uprooted from their lives, often they have in a home, but in other cases, the siblings help each other out. Some take responsibility and try to replace the parents. But how can handle siblings after the death of his parents with the situation? Come to conflict if older siblings assume the role as a guardian? Why is it hard for the younger ones, to accept the new role? The series of 37 accompanied two families, who after the death of his mother trying to cope with their lives together.