Credit Cards

Although this entity is useful for financial institutions, operators of credit cards and banks, it is extremely harmful those consumers who even so must money to these institutions, are not refused to pay the debit, not being offered conditions for the repayment of the debt. The test of this is in the fact of many institutions of this nature, passed some time later, depleted the attempts of negotiation always in favor of them made for the service of telemarketing? also in abusive way – to deliver the legal offices of accounting or to take the steps due. there that this position is not understood. Simply passed? let us say five months after the expiration of the first invoice or billet of payment? they send the house of the consumer an extrajudicial notification with softer and attractive alternatives of payment for it, resulting in a reduction of at least 30% of the debt for at sight payment. Still thus, in case that the consumer does not have conditions to pay the not concordant debit or with the value for finding that it still is raised and abusive, finishes not paying to the invoice or the sent billet. Not having another alternative? since these offices prevent to take measured legal as, for example, the judicial collection, in reason of the delay in the solution of the process that will be crawled per long years? they finish directing another proposal with a still lesser value one more time so that the consumer has conditions to pay. Thus, if it does not understand the attitude of this entity in registering in cadastre the consumer in its controls, punishing it through the prohibition to effect new purchases in the commerce, to take loans banking, to buy in another etc., credit card that does not have More worse still is the attitude of the commercial companies, banks and operators of credit cards, that instead of negotiating the debits of the consumer directly, also renegotiating the debt thus if it can pay, finish sending information the Serasa and to the SPC that finishes punishing who wants to honor its commitments and they do not make it in reason of lacks of understanding on the part of store, establishments bank clerks and companies of cards of credit.