Property Purchase Dream

The people, generally, when they think about acquiring a residential property, costumam to form in its mind the image of an ideal property. That one that, beyond pretty, comfortable and with the maximum easiness of acquisition, takes care of its taste, its emotional side. E, above all, that he is cheap and inside of the ideal conditions. All want ' ' good, pretty and barato' '. However, this is the great dream of all. However, we call the attention the reader so that if it does not leave to delude for the dream. She is necessary that each one makes a previous analysis of all its necessities, gostos, interests and financial possibilities, as much for the money possibility as for the good viability of that if it can undo for the concretion of that purchase.

This everything, beyond analyzing its availability month-the-month to pay a possible monthly fee in the purchase of its property. As all we have the right to dream, most of the time we create an ideal above of our real possibilities. Generally the purchaser desires and looks a property above of that effectively it can pay. This is understandable because it does not know the prices of the market, for not being of the branch. Thus, at the moment where it idealizes the property of its dreams, of its ideal, and goes to the market, it will not find certainly everything that for the price for which it thought about buying, that is, almost always its financial availability will not be compatible with the values practised at that moment, and this brings to the pretense purchaser a very great disillusion and frustration. What it imagines is not viable in relation to the money of that it makes use. In many cases, this cause a great discomfort and until failures in meeting with its familiar ones.