Domains On A Site

Domains on a site today, if material. Whether for brand positioning in the user memory or for searches on Internet search engines. It is very easy to distinguish a domain whose name is one of the keywords of your website, that it is not. It is also important domain of your specific country. That it no longer runs the “.

Com” are only good to have. The EC points, for example, are domains of Ecuador. What does this mean? Well, google, such as IP searches located in Ecuador. Bone, if you have a domain. “Com” and live in Ecuador or rather want your target audience is in Ecuador, is more interesting simpre you buy a domain. “EC”, and it will position itself in the form in Ecuador before a “.

com. If one, for example, needs a domain directory Ecuadorian Ecuadorians and then obviously you’re interested in being seen and appear in Ecuador. This requires you to buy a domain. “Ec.” This is just beginning to occur in Ecuador. It’s time to start buying and using domain point “Our country (ec, cl, co, pe, etc)” It seems obvious, also? The other no less important to know that audience via Internet search engines to which you can get, as there are countries that are just starting in internet and it may be more interesting offline advertising (press, radio, BTL, etc), so that the user, go to Internet and dial directly your website. So your target market is larger than the Internet, which you google search, is very small Latin American countries. How so? good if a country we know that 5% of the population using the Internet recently. Well, hope that you also are in the form a critical mass is no easy task. This is not a bad idea, make a strong offline advertising campaign (not internet), which will generate direct visits, typing in your website, rather than the user browsing that we know that there are few. Eg.: The case of physician for Ecuadorians. We know the importance of having a directory that specializes in this area, but we can not expect to have many visitors, without publicity parallel point to remember the brand in mind for the digits that users find him to surf the internet.