Quality Control Of Natural Cosmetics

Okomonitoring requires report according to European guidelines. In the food industry, it has long been the rule now also natural cosmetics should be regulated Europe. What does this mean exactly and who already controlled the natural cosmetics? Is a high quality already met? Consumer protection Minister Koberle presents 2009 of public report to the okomonitoring. Consumer protection Minister Rudolf Koberle (CDU) report noted in his current okomonitoring, that in a study of 61 natural cosmetics the expectations have met products, 60. Although it is still a big problem, that there is no uniform policy by the legislature, but the products were still particularly germ-free and naturally preserved so Koberle. Continue clearly to define the natural cosmetics, Koberle demands a uniform European policy, so that consumers like for food on the shelf can contain and immediately know he gets what. Test there’s a real natural cosmetics not, however tests oko Test natural cosmetics products regularly and is often good to very good results.

Currently, it assumes the function of quality control in the natural cosmetics industry by the various German and European certification bodies. In addition to the German labels: BDIH, NTrue and demeter there also many European label such as EcoCert and EcoControl. All the seals have different criteria for certified natural cosmetics at the time still, but are certainly already widely used. Also, the most natural cosmetics products are manufacturer free of animal testing. Who wants to make sure it pays attention to the seal of the IHTK (International Association of manufacturers against animal testing in the cosmetics e.V.) and the Leaping Bunny by HCS (human cosmetic standard).

Some of the listed seal of quality already include that the natural cosmetic products are cruelty free. There are even more quality seal, which now already often also appear in some natural cosmetics shops and also on the packaging find are. Natural cosmetics is a big issue in the next few years for many people who prefer to live a sustainable lifestyle. On the sites, still greater transparency will be needed, to quickly detect any black sheep. Such as in the food industry some drastic legal changes to come in the cosmetics industry in the next few years with security. But if today’s quality standard is maintained until then, it should cause no major problems for consumer protection Minister Koberle of the German natural cosmetic companies. The organic industry is one of the major growth markets that must urgently be regulated due to the high quality standards at the time.