Foundation Live

We were super shared in common in the mountain and today we created between the survivors the Foundation Live. We are campaigning of donation of organs concerning all the South frame and want to transmit it for all the rest of the world. Very we are been thankful to the life, to the boys who could not leave there by a thing of the destiny that wanted that they died and that others were saved. It succeeded as us in the avalanche. Those that was alongside mine died and I incredibly after feeling and being present at the death managed to be saved. The avalanche was most terrible than it happened to us.

First camos us of an airplane, he was then worse at the outset died of cold, with 30 degrees below cero, without snow equipment, to 4000 meters of height, with a shirt, a pair of mocasines, trousers and nothing else. The cold was suddenly terrible, later to the 10 days we found out that they had suspended the search and that they had condemned to us to die us to all in the mountain. At the outset he was very impressive, I I did not understand like my family, my parents, the Uruguayan government, how us it left left to die us to so many so young boys with so many desire to live. Nevertheless later, the avalanche came to us that was the worse thing than it happened to us. I spent 3 days without shoes, without averages, with the feet in the snow without being able to sleep a second because she needed to masajear the feet permanently to me because if they do not gangrenaban themselves to me.

Those 3 days and 3 nights were a hell difficult to explain really terrible. She was one behind another one. At Boy Scouts of America you will find additional information. And we said if God wants to us to kill that us once and for all mate but that it does not make us suffer more. But I believe that avalanche was important because it united very many to the group.