Historical Review Apaseos

Historical Review Apaseo’s story dates back to pre-Columbian times. At the time of the Spanish foundation, there were already names and Atlayahualco Apaseo. This, older and of Mexican origin, this city was conquered by the indigenous chiefs Hispanicized Nicol s San Luis Montanez and Fernando de Tapia, and thus began to reach Hispanics, who distributed the land that had belonged to the natives. Now with the new name of San Andr s Apaseo the Alto, was built for administrative purposes the district then Celaya. In the nineteenth century was linked territorially to the then village of Apaseo the Great, and is up on 18 December 1947 when a decree of the local legislature, it is given as a municipality, under the name Upper Apaseo. Important People Beatriz Tapia 1770 Patron Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital. Don Francisco de P. Mesa 1851 Grant public clock.Cura Don Francisco Licea and Borja To him are the columns of the main garden and the front of the Temple of the Blood of Christ, training of district and help Apaseo public works. Antonio Vega Alvarez (1911-1978) Professor and author. Vicente Esteves Mendoza (1905-1986) politician and benefactor. Don Juan Oliveros perform works of charity and he should be the portals of places, schools, hospital, the new pantheon, the cobblestones, the land for the railroad, and so on. Chronology of Historical Events Event Year 1800 is planned the streets under the direction of architect Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras. 1919 he carried out the first grants of common in the municipality. 1926 were verified in the municipality Cristero battles of the Revolution. David Sanchez Malagon Recently he became President after a very controversial municipal elections that did not win in the county seat in many occasions.His choice was given out that David won in many communities Apaseo belonging to the Alto. David is rumored that “bought” the votes of many people in the communities. For example people who had paid for the release of their IFE credential on condition they vote for him. Also well known is that David organize “rodeos” in various communities in which access was free and liquors obtained free of charge. The day of his swearing in David said, that like his father and were peasants (which is not true), his main focus would be on helping the country, create new jobs and improve the municipal economy. Which partly a municipal president can not do. It is also known disagreement of many public servants of the High Apaseo that the mayor has fired and still, many of the previous administration to re-recruit police and other servers that were previously dismissed as being corrupt people.Like most people at the head of the High Apaseo know, in the past the police force has confiscated properties of David, it gave out that their properties had underground piping outlets belonging to PEMEX. As expected all these events have caused too much controversy and fear among the inhabitants of the municipality that have even relate to this president David with strange events in communities throughout the municipality, and the discovery of a narcofosa in the community of La Cuevita and the disappearance of several people in the municipality, the latter events have been associated not only with David, but with the professional organization of the “Zetas,” as it is said that David has maintained contact with these businesses and illicit substances and so on. All this has not been confirmed, but what if it is true is that many people live in fear for things that may happen in future.