On The Door Of Time

Never think of the future, always comes too soon. Albert Einstein generalities, reach, information. Increasingly we are surprised of the strange things that occur in our planet Earth, tornandose very interesting our step for him, and above all, invitandonos to be more attentive to those events that still cannot be explained as well as there are others who provide us with as much information iinteresante, which motivates further research and to draw us importantly while have the opportunity of living delve into them. On this occasion, we want to delve into everything what has been investigated, indagado regarding the time that motivates delve into its scope, impact and more when it says on the door in time. It is a fact as cites it tendencia21.NET, which has been discussed much on the unification of the two most important theories of the 20th century, quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity, although efforts have collided against the incompatibility of principles and methodology of both: in the first, the indeterminism and the wave-particle duality, and in the second, determinism and the point particles; in one, the phenomena of microphysics, in another macrofisica experience and infinity. An attempt to unify the principles, but has detected that the first thing that needs to be clarified is the substratum common to both theories, namely, the underlying structure of space and time, it is necessary to know well to lay the Foundation for a unified theory. Be considered, that spacetime, even being a scientific topic that, as such, should not be treated philosophical, metaphysical, or theologically, has always had an important projection on the philosophy and the idea of God. Let us remember the Newton Divinitatis sensorium, but also how the same Leibniz understood the space-time of science as a system of relations between monads, the Supreme Monad, Dios, was the foundation of the material order and the spiritual order, coordination According to a pre-established harmony universal.