Recommendations For The Prevention Of Termite

Risk factors can be extrapolated to all our buildings, ancient, modern, with wooden structure, without it, isolated homes, blocks, buildings, churches, farmhouses, houses between medians, semi-detached houses, etc. RISK factors to correct Woods in the vicinity of our houses are factors of attraction for a plague of subterranean termites: firewood accumulated playing outdoors (or sometimes in the interior) wall can cause a call effect. Firewood outdoors covered with a plastic film is a real breeding ground for termites, we must prevent protect firewood from this form. Woods stuck permanently in the soil (stakes, tutors, sleepers, small trunks by way of stairs), can help the settlement of a colony of termites. A poorly preserved garden can be a determining factor (trees and dead plants, stumps of old trees). Old stumps whose roots facilitate entry into our homes. The moisture content of all types, are an amplifier a termite attack, either by seepage, capillary or condensation. Irrigation, often soaking our walls and facilitates the life of termites.

Likewise, it happens with the humidity by capillarity (either own land or by the loss of a drain or supply). The scrub too wet, soaking the doors wooden frames can lead to that wood will pick a very adequate level of humidity for termite. Low deck leaks often soak our Woods and are a strong pull factor that can lead to termites to ascend to the top of our House, affecting in its passage. Like the previous point, the poorly preserved woodwork can moisten and be a source of attraction, also can allow the passage of water and moisten the inside of the House. Leaks of a downspout, a bathroom or a kitchen can also accelerate the attack. Poor ventilation can lead to condensation above all in the bathrooms and kitchens, making an ideal habitat for the plague (also adding how risk factor the degradation of wood, of which rot fungi are responsible). All mentioned factors can aggravate if wooden beams are within a false ceiling (even with less ventilation and more darkness).

Condensation can form on outside of the House (for example in a paved playground), if the subsoil moisture tends to evaporate and can not, just escaping precisely by the walls of the House. Recessed old facility which can favor the passage of termites are often. Ancient sewers where termites have step and made of small underground river. Downspouts and walled chimneys have joints in the work that termites can be leveraged for transit. Woods lost in construction can cause a strong amplification of the plague. The construction of housing estates and other above old fields without a total cleaning (cherry trees, carob trees, vineyards, etc.). The lost formwork for wood not recovered from a foundation. Remains of work (work timbers or ancient) used to fill the ground near the House. In FUMIGARZA can give you comprehensive advice on your building.