Jonas Kohler System

Mr Merkle and Mrs Weiler reported the imminent establishment of a GbR (Civil law company) to build a PV plant on the Wildermuthgymnasium. We could win some prospective buyers who are willing to buy shares in a Gemeinschaftsphotovoltaikanlage. However we have found so far nobody, who is ready to take over the management of the GbR. Therefore the Umwelt AG will collect donations and sponsorship money over the next few weeks for the realization of a photovoltaic system. A photovoltaic system realized through donations and sponsorship money is significantly less overhead and can be made by the Umwelt AG. The yield of the photovoltaic system flows at the Uhland-Gymnasium.

Please donate fundraising for a photovoltaic system on the roof of Uhland arcade! Account number 1527056 at the Kreissparkasse Tubingen, BLZ: 64150020 we appreciate any donation! Environment – AG, Uhlandgymnasium, Uhlandstr. 24 72072 Tubingen. A student of our environment-AG, Jonas Kohler, has a forum on the Internet ( to better communication for our environment-AG and the Set up Exchange of information. Everyone on this forum are actively involved in discussions and votes and agreements are made. In addition, Jonas Kohler and Jonathan Strobele created a home page for our environment-AG:. You are cordially invited to follow our activities on these pages, and to write your own posts in the Forum. In the summer of 2005, there was a very successful run of donations for pupils of Uhland-Gymnasium, which was organized by the SMV of our school. Target this donations run was to buy a piece of rain forest in Peru and so permanently before the loggers and hunters access to secure this.

To do this we transferred the sponsor running the Organization ProWildlife the 13 500,-euro (PRO WILDLIFE e.V. Munich, Internet:). This rain forest is included in the CO2 balance of the UG. The Umwelt AG scored a first success in the competition mobile learning in schools, which was advertised in collaboration with the district media centre of Tubingen from HP. With their Our students reached presentation of current and planned activities and students one on March 11, 2008 (the three) top: means this first prize: Uhland-Gymnasium receives a laptop cart with 10 student laptops, a teacher laptop, projector, printer and a digital camera. In addition, the computers maintained by HP and instructed the teachers and teachers in the use of the laptop car. Now, with a new W-LAN connection in our school, you can in all classrooms with these laptops to the Internet.