Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH

Social commitment of the Ennepetaler tradition company on June 16, 2013, on the day presented the open door in the Dusseldorf children’s Hospice Rainbow country, Marc Munster, head of the Department of technical consulting at febi bilstein, a cheque of 4,000 euros to the facility for terminally ill or severely disabled children. In cooperation with the febi truck Division has the technical consulting between April and June CV workshops in all over Germany attended. Doing open interviews were carried out, for which the Executive Board of Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG offered 50 euros each as a donation for the children’s Hospice Rainbow country. Florina Schrading, trainee in technical consulting, brought it within six weeks on 80 workshop visits, which meant the bottom line for the children’s Hospice Rainbow land 4,000 euros. The visit to the children’s Hospice at the handing-over of the donation cheque has touched me deeply. I am proud to have contributed with my work to support this important institution”, Schrading commented on their charitable efforts.

Social commitment is at the Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG to a special meaning. The world famous manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles regularly social projects supported or initiated even fundraisers. Thus, the Ennepetaler company returns a part of his success to the region. Under the umbrella brand bilstein group combines the Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG the internationally strong brand febi, SWAG and blue print.