Professional Carers Launch Campaign

Action: With the ‘red sofa’ by Germany a red sofa is touring through Germany. From 26 August to 10 September 2010 it is situated on the central squares in the cities, so that politicians and social experts as well as the professional carers to clients can take place and get along in the conversation. Great explosiveness have the themes that are available for discussion,:? About 1.3 million people in Germany help professional life (in Berlin-Brandenburg, there are more than 102 000 people)! For the legal support of an old, disabled or mentally ill people, the compensation law stipulates averaged only three hours of work a month! Through the changing social legislation the workload increased substantially, without having adjusted the rule work time per client! With an average of 16 euro, real income per working hour earn less than Office assistants the academically trained professional caregivers! Because the increase of the value-added tax from 16 to 19 per cent in January 2007 with an increase in the official remuneration rate went hand in hand, the real merit of the professional staff is less today than it was four years ago! Professional carers are recognised not as a freelancer and must therefore dissipate even Chamber of Commerce posts of their low income. Without unpaid overtime of professional carers many of their clients could be not serious taken care of! The attractiveness of the work of supervisors suffers that their activity has still not as a profession is recognized! (SoFa 2010) their professional association BdB the more than 6 000 professional carers on the dramatic situation in the legal assistance want to draw social action & fair”. Their list of demands includes three key elements: 1 departure from a global of working time per client, towards the financing of the actually necessary effort per case. 2.

increase of the remuneration at least 50.00 net per hour worked, as well as modification of the remuneration to safeguard the livelihood. 3. recognition of the work done by the Professional caregivers as a profession must be demonstrated for a master’s degree as a qualification. In addition to these main points, there are a number of other claims, for whose implementation the BdB has already put forward proposals. They were forwarded to the decision makers in politics and administration.

Now, it comes that is traded, and the conditions of legal assistance are actually improves so that elderly, disabled and ill people can also be sufficiently maintained. Social campaign & fair”draws attention to the BdB on the current situation of the professional carers and demands its public discussion. The action begins on August 26 in Hamburg. Two weeks later she will have its climax on September 10, 2010 in Berlin with a closing ceremony on the Potsdamer Platz. The BdB the Federal Association of professional betreuerinnen e.V. (BdB) has more than 6,000 members and was founded in 1994 in the wake of the new supervision law. Thus, the BdB is the largest representation of the interests of the profession “Care”. The Association represents professional interests in politics and in public, professionally developed the profession is committed to the quality development and assurance in the care work and offers extensive facilities and services. More campaign information can be searched online at 110_Aktuelle_Kampagne.php or 109_BdB Pressemitteilungen.php. BdB Federation of professional carers National Association Berlin & Brandenburg Thomas Behrendt Bockhstrasse 41 10967 Berlin Tel. (030) 69 51 92 81 Mathias Kinzel Dorfstrasse 15 14715 Havel outside Tel. (033872) 70 10 9 press contact Bernd Schwintowski Tel. (030) 306 60 60 fax (030) 306 60 90 E-Mail