Pet Adoptions

Surely you will be reading this article precisely because of its title, and asked the following questions: who mixed breed? and by and for breeding? from where thousands of dogs and cats mestizos who just wandering the streets, swelling the lists of animals for adoption of the many shelters that exist in our country? For many years I have had the same question, until I started to see why very close to me in my place of residence and in my work.

Given that in every hundred dogs that are abandoned ninety percent are mestizos and the other ten are purebred dogs (usually purchased from stores or individuals for a low cost or hunting dogs abandoned by hunters when they no longer work) is clear where the problem is, we must also bear in mind that purebred dogs are much more likely to be adopted, even in many protective associations have a reserve list of purebred dogs (which have absolutely) some dogs belonging to this privileged ten percent are never set foot in shelter.. .