new ways of doing things, able to learn from others and take their learning to benefit your organization, Furthermore, are able to give way to its creativity, innovation, imagine and visualize opportunities where others see difficulties, can beat established paradigms with creative ideas, original and revolutionary that allow their actions to be effective and productivealso, are up to date with the knowledge of the progress of administrative science with latest technological advances, using them in an appropriate manner to enhance their personal development and their equipment; characterized by being honest, ethical and seek to permanently keep with respect the moral principles of their social group, fulfilling its responsibility to all this is added, that are fully identified with its responsibility, which gives way to its credibility, is manifested reliability and confidence in their performance, interactions, accomplishments. New managerial leaders, are definitely, characterized for being visionaries, be prepared to see beyond the present, projecting into the future, toward the more ambitious and stimulating visions of what you want to happen, so very well specified and detailed in the vision of the organization. Well integrates its human resource, forming teams of cohesive work, prepared, motivated towards achieving the established goals. The new leadership constantly dealing with Orient and show to their directed the best way of doing things, helps them in their training, giving you the possibility to generate changes, new openings arising from new challenges, which require new attitudes, creating and training increasing the competences of the different people that make up the departments, administrative units of the organizational structure of the present. A managerial leader who knows how to influence, share, take advantage optimally human capital, talent of the workers of the company.

Usually in addition, channeling energies, emotions and potentialities of the members of his team, as provide what participants of the program, as well as students from the school of administration, all this, seeking to create the best climate of support, affection and responsibility, that the modern managerial leader, may lead to a positive organizational climate is fully identified that depends alsoan attitude positive before the cultural diversity and the globalization of markets and societies in order to be effective in all its rooms, know how to interpret the effects of contingent variables, the intervention of the State, for example, in the Venezuelan case, where there is an interest to instill a socialism that the country has never lived it. The modern leader stimulates known social and organizational cultures, evaluates, scope, impact generated by multiculturalism. Is to the day of the advances of the new administrative tools and all of its specialty – area theme knows how to handle their emotions, their persuasion, emotional intelligence, recognition, performance, performance of its workers, prevents impulsiveness to take care of the climate of his team, skillfully employs the largest capacity of the human being, properly listening to messages, concerns, suggestions of their partners and after processing the informationIt transmits it clearly and in detail; know determine the opportunity to talk about and manage the time that use to do so, avoiding falling into extreme passivity. The new managerial leader is a guarantor of achievement, success, safeguarding the rights of the worker, a certainty of success for the company that has given him the opportunity to play its role, more if it meets all the characteristics, conditions that have been identified.