Prado Degree

The reduction is clear after the 30 years. For even more details, read what PCRM says on the issue. E, after the 40, increases the infertility tax. Race Currently gives credit that the great majority of the patients with endometriosis is of the white race. However, this not yet was well established since the patients whom they look for this attendance in its majority are of white color and endowed with one raised purchasing power. The Prado and Ramos (1999) relate that it has greater incidence of the illness with the hereditary succession and women of the white race more are premade use? Escolaridade and Economic Nvel Some authors already had demonstrated that the women who have endometriosis tend to more present partner-economic status and raised degree of instruction. (PETTA et al, 2002; MOREIRA et al, 2005).

Reason of this association is not known to the certain o, but it is given credit that these women would be more citizens the biggest levels of estresse, with bigger riot of imunolgica part e, therefore with bigger possibilities to develop the endometriosis. You mark (2005) in its thesis of mestrado quotation that European studies show to have greater incidence of endometriosis in women with according to degree (30%) and superior level (27%). Other works show similar values, exactly when carried through in public institutions, where the degree of escolaridade enters the patients with endometriosis is higher, taking itself to think it about the possibility of the factor estresse to be the causal agent of the illness. Obsttricos antecedents As Neme (2008) the delay to engravidar and the lesser number of children, characteristics of the modern women, can represent factors of risk for the occurrence of the endometriosis. Such facts are associates to a predominance of action of the estrgenos for bigger period of time during the life of the woman, since the pregnancy represents a period of predominance of the progesterone, antagonistic hormone of the estrognio. .