Impact: reinforcement of the capital of turn of the company and the capacity of investment; Increase of 30% in the internal negotiations with the Unit Services. Impact: Increase of the average consumption of parts and accessories for vehicle, maximizao of the competitiveness of the Group, profit of scale, target and mobility of supplies. CONSIDERAES ON the IMPLANTATIONS AND ALLOCATIONS FORESEEN IN the STRATEGICAL PLAN the loss of market in relation to the competition translated the deficit of growth in 2008 gave clear signals of that the Group would need to reformulate its strategies of marketing reach. Mainly in those more critical departments. The retail segment was the first one of them. The favorable scene associate the distortions in its structure transformed organizacional it into one of great the responsible ones for overhead of the Group in year of 2008. Identified the problems, she was necessary to attack them. As the proper Direction mentioned.

' ' She was necessary first to place order in the house stops later agir' '. To follow the adjustments and allocations in the internal processes of the Unit Retail, the Executive Direction contracted an independent consultoria. The consultants considered that the Group seen under a global optics had passed for a significant growth in last the 10 years. Harms its structure and processes had not folloied such dynamics. (Alpha Consultoria, 2008) Mainly in what it refers to the management of supplies, management of human resources and management of purchases.

Beyond the lack of focus of the businesses properly said. Test of this is that, some segments were responsible for alavancar the competitiveness of the company in short term, harms when projected for a more extensive period, they were characterized for a profit of excessive cost. Mainly they had been divided with the too much operations. It was the case of the services of Autocenter. Others separately represented generating potentials of prescriptions, if only analyzed in the medium and long run.