The Cosmos

The myth of the Greek hero who assassinated the father and married the mother, without any knowledge of that perpetrates parricide and was living in incestuous relations, seemed to prove the freudiana thesis of that incestuous stimulatons if find gifts in all child, in a guarded and disfigured way, thus, the private code of the myth could, therefore, be deciphered by a psychologist. Therefore, Freud baptized the complex, compound of incestuous attraction and hostile rivalry, with the name of the hero of the myth: complex of dipo. Thus, we have that other forms of thought, had had great importance in the context where they had acted and can be disclosed nowadays also of significant form. Therefore, ' ' … More info: Dr. Neal Barnard. if what the myth counts is myth, what it discloses is not myth, is reality humana' ' (MIGLIAVACCA, 1999, P. 02). 3 RESULTS In the definiz attempt it, are observed that the word myth brings obtains diverse meanings, usually, can be perceived as fbula, legend, fiction, something unattachable.

Therefore, it has necessity in emphasizing that here if it deals with the myth as a story on the origin to the things that appears as truth, spontaneous form, in search of the understanding of the reality, having the intervention of supernatural beings. … the myth is extremely complete a cultural reality, that can be boarded and interpreted in multiple and complementary perspectives the myth it counts a sacred history, tells an event that had place in the primordial time, the fabuloso time of the starts the myth counts thanks to the facts of the supernatural beings, a reality that passed to exist, wants either a total reality, the cosmos, only wants breaks up, an island, a vegetal species, a human behavior, is always, therefore a narration of a creation describes as a thing was produced, as it started to exist (ELIADE apud BRANDO, 1997, p.26).