The Foundation

He will be that all the politicians who we choose are corrupt? He does not have nobody with moral stops representing in them? He corrupted who them he demoralized and them? He will be that we do not know some corruptor in the social groups? We do not know of somebody in the family, in school, in the institution and entities of classroom, companies, public and private organizations that manage the action of corruptores? 2. Corruption X Moral and Ethics Understanding ' Ethics as a set of beliefs and values that serve as sustentation of the behavior that if it adopts throughout the life, in the search of the objectives that it persegue'. (FIPECAFI, 1997, P. 22), and also considering that the professional Ethics are the foundation for the exercise of a full and worthy citizenship, it can be related the lack of this fulfilment of the citizen task is a serious signal of corruption and first step to lack with the ethics harming the right of the others and compromising the social moral. When dealing with corruption and its relation with the social moral and the known ethics, we would have to associate that somebody in some social group is not fulfilling its task of citizen: father, mother, son, son, professor, teacher, director, director and the administrators of public and private organizations, as well as all the profisisonais. A professional he perceives, inside of itself exactly what he will have to make so that the task if he plays in the best possible way, and if he does not obtain to perceive, is because not yet he is apt to be a professional. (S, 2001, p.177). In such a way, I defend the thesis of that to attribute to the existence of the corruption to the representatives politicians becomes a position very cmoda. the same that to remove the house garbage and to play in the wall of the neighbor, demanding despite this if makes responsible for what you consumed.