Weak Shadow

Maybe it looks strange, but this is only the first vzglyad.Stoit perhaps recall that we perceive the world through the prism of his senses, and therefore appreciate the other in their qualities, we take in others only what can assume to himself – that is the reality of our physiology. Reasonableness of actions of others, determine based on their experience and personal aspirations, which agree quite oshibochno.A 'sticks' in other, usually something that most of us is ourselves and not ustraevaet. Projecting yourself around really hard vospriyat the world. But whether to accept everything, even the negative qualities? In my opinion they should not be avoided – they are today, your guests, and ignoring them, you give them a chance to permanently register in a dusty corner of your personality. This is just a shadow of a disharmonious movements of your soul, though animation at the time of your passions. Noticing her, making her development, has a chance to turn it into chaotic motion in this dance – she a consequence of your affairs. Absurd to assume that I, curves tree because that is my personality – though in a weak effort, and as a consequence of the weak kornyah.Govorit that cause me such a quality or habit – is to deceive oneself and others, because the habit only a consequence of your aspirations or lack of them. So, you decide what to do at each moment of life, and you will be responsible to it for their choices, even if it did something for someone vas.Lyubye quality is temporary and will directly depend on your postupkov.Bud it good or bad, but not repetition, it loses its silu.Etogo and waits behind our shadow – the expansion of its elements.