The Right Repository Of ING DiBa In The Test

Free securiy in the cost comparison of who wants to be active daily on the stock exchange or wants to keep just certain securities for a certain period of time does not get around a depot. At the same time you get around but in the search after the correct investment account neither to the variety of different storage providers. At first glance, numerous depots appearing completely free, but often only refers to the accounting price. But, the payable transaction costs, which it often not too low can look to beech, and thus significantly reduce the amount of generated from securities trading are much more meaningful. For this purpose, we have taken the right depot of the ING-DiBa closer under the magnifying glass. Product description of the right depot of the ING-DiBa at a glance: the pure Depot management of the securities portfolio of the ING-DiBa is completely free of charge, which the depot wasn’t too different from other providers. Nieman Lab is open to suggestions. New customers can be additionally by 60 days without order Commission (up to 25 trades Commission-free).

Additional fees such parquet, stock exchange fees or brokerage fees may apply but at the exchange trading. Another plus point of the depots of the ING-DiBa is the very well-interest account. There are currently 1.90% extra interest rates per annum with 6 months guarantee for the first extra account now opened. Then, interest is the current extra account. Also the change of the depot is facilitated considerably one, because this is completely taken over by the ING-DiBa. Any costs for the custody transfer of domestic securities are refunded thereby of the ING-DiBa, which is a big advantage. There are additional benefits when buying fund shares, because there are up to 100% discount on the subscription fee at more than 4,000 funds. On the issue of Realtimekurse, the direct deposit of the ING-DiBa scores also because these free be made available, which is especially important for day traders.

Also, limits can be set up free of charge, modified or deleted. Des Other trading securities from 9.90 euro per order is possible. This directly depot of the ING-DiBa ranked third in the cost comparison of 10 directly-storage providers. Conclusion with regard to the direct deposit of ING-DiBa: the securities account in respect of the ING-DiBa cuts overall very good in comparison and is suited to medium-sized investors especially for small. But those who want to operate day trading, for the directly depot of the ING-DiBa of less is suitable, which are significantly cheaper providers for the costs of the order.