Zenon Meters

then, which was not seen in the experience. It is seen in the things, it is seen as if they were pure and physical, without no class of abstractions. American Diabetes Association describes an additional similar source. Because we have already realised it repeated times, then in the reason the experience of those abstractions forms. In fact these abstractions that seem, impossible in the reality, are not it, are possible with technology and a major knowledge about the reality of cosas." To " which is an O-Man a woman. She crosses three meters in the greater possible time. Dividing of a point " B " and granting the turtle which is " C " an advantage of two meters. Even with all this advantage, the turtle cannot win to " To " .

thus it is but quick of the all the turtles open pie by the scientists. If this seems evident to us what follows I hope that it is it. Gentlemen pay attention students to the following thing. The reason " C " it advances two meters. According to Zenon, the reason " C " not sera reached about " To " because of the advantage. In the experience, we can do that what Zenon Says to us is true.

Thus: you imagine a triangle rectangle. Soon we added its legs and there are the hypotenuse. Now we apply this, to the idea of Zenon. " To " and " C " they estan in the starting point of the adjacent leg. " To " it grants an advantage to him to " C " . when " To " it wishes to advance we prohibited it elevating it with a hook, four meters. In line vertical. To if " C " seguira advancing towards full stop of the adjacent leg. When " C " this a three centimetres to arrive at the goal. Which measures eight meters.